Sindarin: The Art of Ted Nasmith (2015)


ekulturaTV: Interview with Ted Nasmith for Tolkien Day (2014)

See also: lecture on my art (with Hungarian translator) and my art workshop.


Trolls et Légendes: Interview with Ted Nasmith (with French translation, 2013)

See also: Interview, Part 2 — Musical performance, Part 1Musical performance, Part 2


Ted Nasmith reads from The Hobbit (2012)

Hobbit Day (2012)


Tower of the Hand: An Interview with Ted Nasmith (2012) The Minstrel, the Painter, & the Scholar (2011)

See also: Part 2Part 3Part 4


Tolkien Brazil: Ted Nasmith, the Lord of the Illustrators (2006)


Dutch Tolkien Society: Ted receives Unquendor Golden Pin at Elf Fantasy Fair (2005)

There are even more videos about me and my art on YouTube… but many are just unauthorized slideshows of my paintings.

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