Túrin and his Band are Led to Amon Rûdh

Media: Gouache on illustration board

First appeared in the illustrated edition of The Silmarillion, and The Silmarillion Poster Collection, published by HarperCollins in 1998.

Also used as the cover for some editions of The Silmarillion and for some editions of Unfinished Tales.

As with so much of Tolkien’s writing, the land itself is prominently described throughout The Silmarillion, and the moment when Túrin and his company first see their future stronghold in Túrin and his Band are Led to Amon Rûdh seemed a fitting opportunity to portray something of the primeval northern splendour of Beleriand.

“On the next day they set out thither, following Mim to Amon Rûdh. Now that hill stood upon the edge of the moorlands… And as the men of Túrin’s band drew near, the sun westering broke through the clouds, and fell upon the crown; and the seregon was all in flower. Then one among them said: ‘There is blood on the hill-top.’”
— The Silmarillion

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  1. Thanks Tim, I greatly appreciate the comment. I do paint from a position of wanting to create an absorbing, detailed panorama in such artworks. The idea that it’s like a window through which we see a plausible impression of the realm being depicted is what excites me.

  2. Thanks Tim. I love trying to create the illusion of Tolkien’s realms, as though we’re looking through a window.

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