The Arkenstone (Hobbit Card Game)

ArkenstoneTedNasmithArtwork for The Hobbit Card Game; Sophisticated Games, Cambridge UK 2012. All works gouache on board, 3 ¾” x 5 ¾”

That stone of all the treasure I name unto myself, and I will be avenged on anyone who finds it and withholds it.“― Thorin[1]

“The Arkenstone was discovered by Thráin I soon after the establishment of the dwarf-kingdom there, and the Dwarves used all their skill to work the gem into a shimmering multi-faceted jewel.

In the centuries after its discovery, the Arkenstone became an heirloom of the Kings of Durin’s folk. It was carried away into the Grey Mountains by Thráin’s son, and in time brought back to the Great Hall of Thráin under the Mountain by his descendant Thrór. When the Dragon Smaug sacked Lonely Mountain, the Arkenstone was lost to the Dwarves of Durin’s Folk — it lay among Smaug’s booty in the halls of Erebor.” – Read more on Tolkien Gateway

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