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Architectural Renderings

Architectural renderings have been a big part of my career, for I entered this specialized field of illustration fresh out of school in the fall of 1972 as an apprentice in a small studio known as ‘Visual Concept.’ For the next several years (probably about ten) I worked there as one of only three artists, …

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Automotive Artwork

At some point during my high school years, I became very enamoured with the automotive art of Art Fitzpatrick, an American illustrator known mainly for the very successful Pontiac ad campaign which ran from 1959 through 1971. Mr. Fitzpatrick’s tight, ultra-realistic work seemed to set a high water mark in the genre. I soon found …

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George R. R. Martin

Paintings and drawings of scenes from A Song of Ice and Fire — A Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin (a.k.a. HBO Game of Thrones).

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J.R.R. Tolkien

It’s difficult to describe exactly what informs my interest in Tolkien, but suffice it to say quite simply that I have a powerful affinity with his writing, so full of vast, lost, misty expanses and its unique mixture of the familiar and strange. His emphasis on light and shadow in particular, whether metaphorical or literal, …

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Other Works

In this section I’ve compiled examples of sundry other types of artwork I’ve been commissioned to do over the years.  While mostly concentrating on both Tolkien and architectural rendering (and more the former than the latter in recent years), I’ve also dabbled in such things as educational book illustration, non-fantasy book covers, two children’s books, …

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