Welcome to my new online home!

Dear friends,
It’s with considerable pride, pleasure and gratitude that I hereby introduce this, my new, more efficient website! Welcome to a whole new showcase of my work, I hereby invite you in to browse. Enjoy the many familiar images in an elegant new setting. Note the new features and new images on offer. I’m very honoured to be the newest addition to the expanding family of Middle-earth Network, and am indebted to designer John DiBartolo in particular, along with Mark Ostley, without whom all this would not exist. Accordingly, I invite you to both use my site for itself, as well as a portal to the main Network’s ‘mansion of many rooms’.
The new website comes at an auspicious time for me, as the year so far has been one of change in other areas. For example, sales of originals, prints, and other items are now available by contacting Malcx Lindley of Moreton-in-Marsh, England, as well as Su Gibson of Chalk Farm Gallery in Santa Fe, USA (see under ‘Shop’). There will also be a link to Middle-earth Network for special items we’ll be announcing from time to time.
It’s my intention to expand on the musical side of things in the coming months, too, with increased availability of my debut CD ‘The Hidden Door’, and new projects such as single song releases and new compilations as time and resources permit.
In the meantime, I continue with several illustration projects; chiefly A Game of Thrones (currently getting into high gear), as well as new Tolkien commissions, and a bit of old-style rural scenery for good measure. The new The Hobbit-based card game from Sophisticated Games will soon be available, too, with several new character illustrations being featured.
Thank you to my many dedicated fans, for all the inspiring letters you continue to send; your support and appreciation of what I bring to my art makes all the difference, and has helped keep me enthralled with Middle-earth for 40 years and counting! (My ongoing fascination with American cars of the 60s remains an alternate passion, too!)
Lastly, a special thank you to Rob Huston, designer and master of my original website (and still a valued tech consultant and friend) and to Martin Baker, who so ably took over from Rob. And most importantly to my partner and love of my life Marian–who hadn’t quite realized how much havoc was in store when she first fell for hapless me. Her love, patience, faith and friendship is the garden I thrive within each day.

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