The Dog Ate My Blogwork?

“Well, I’m back!” said Samwise, in the closing line of The Lord of the Rings. I’ve been aware of my lack of input here over the last number of weeks, something I hope you’ll forgive. Providing regular updates on my work progress is something of a challenge–though always worthwhile. In my (partial) defence, for most of my career in illustration, certainly until the advent of the internet, it was not normal to regularly describe your work, thoughts, or interests to an inquisitive audience. More accurately, in those years I was not someone who thought that many people really cared all that much about what I was up to, or what my thoughts might be about it!

And yet, once my Tolkien art began to be noticed in a wider context than my own circle of colleagues, friends and family, and I became involved with The Tolkien Society in the mid-80s, things changed. Before long I realized my art for Tolkien was achieving renown and putting me ‘on the map’ as a skillful, dedicated illustrator. Interviews and other opportunities to articulate my creative ideas and process soon followed, setting the stage for the far greater communications medium of the internet, and social media in particular.

Some of you will drop in on my Facebook musings at times, a forum I’ve warmed to in the time I’ve been posting. But unlike this site, I consider it a medium for expression of a wider range of my thoughts and opinions on diverse topics, something you’d expect given the steady stream of interactive posts from fellow bloggers, or the wealth of articles, humour, pictures and etc. we see on our feeds.
Here on my website, however, I feel the matter at hand of my current work should be the focus, and if my updates are by and large relatively infrequent, I do apologize. At the end of the day, I do consider it a privilege and a pleasure–and yes a duty–to maintain a flow of information about my art to such a large audience of fans and friends. And I always enjoy your feedback.

Thanks for bearing with me! I’ve now described the current paintings, and the general history of the George RR Martin work over this past year now. Pics to come asap.

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