Dáin Ironfoot


Artwork for The Hobbit Card Game; Sophisticated Games, Cambridge UK 2012. All works gouache on board, 3 ¾” x 5 ¾”

“Dáin II or Dáin Ironfoot (Third Age 2767 – 3019, aged 252 years) was the Lord of the Iron Hills and King under the Mountain. In his life, he fought in the Battle of Azanulbizar, the Battle of Five Armies and the Battle of Dale. He was renowned as a warrior across Middle-earth.[1]” – From Tolkien Gateway


  1. Adrian Robert Tate

    Hi Ted, followed your work for over 20 years and have to say you inspire me. Some of your latest illustrations (Game Of Thrones) l found not too dissimilar to my own interpretations, not at the same level of professionalism. Painting is a passion of mine and recently started to paint everything Tolkien, the farther of the fantasy genre.
    I’ve put together a blog of my work including my latest project, Battle Of Five Armies from J R R Tolkien’s best seller, The Hobbit. Its a well illustrated battle scene, interpreted by many artists. I’ve tried to do things a little differently by illustrating the epic battle scene on 8 canvases, hinged together to form an octagon. The pictures unfolds rotating in front of the viewer, suspended from above, to a mirror ball motor.
    know the big question, what do you think? a reply would be gratefully received.

    Many thanks

    1. Ted Nasmith

      Hi Adrian

      Thanks for your kind words. Regarding your linked paintings, it sounds very creative, and very unusual. I don’t see a link here, however. Maybe use the email option?

  2. knowfere

    Heya Ted, I clicked on Adrian’s name on his post above and WoW! Great idea Adrian! It’s brilliant :-D

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