Maglor Casts a Silmaril into the Sea

Media: Gouache on illustration board

First appeared on the cover of the illustrated edition of The Silmarillion, and in The Silmarillion Poster Collection, published by HarperCollins in 1998.

Also appeared in the 2000 Tolkien Calendar, published by HarperCollins. (It was the painting for May.)

Used on the cover of several editions of The Silmarillion.


  1. Bryce

    Just commenting on this picture to say that they are ALL amazing. Really love this one though.

    1. Ted Nasmith

      Thanks Bryce.

  2. Geoff

    Like alot of your paintings, this one is glued to my brain as almost Tolkien canon. Like this is what he meant. This was what he saw. And whenever that passage about the sons of Feanor wandering and the fate of the Silmarils comes up, this image IS that scene.

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