The Blue Wizards Journeying East

The Blue Wizards Journeying East

Media: Gouache on illustration board


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  1. Mihailo Mandić

    It’s like this painting perfectly captures everything we know about the Blue Wizards – they went to the far East, never to return.
    Actually, I feel jsut a tiny bit of sadness looking at this.

  2. Ted Nasmith

    Yes, it is a sad scene, in many ways. I would agree. That the lands are strange and forbidding might be a part of that; I wanted it to seem to be strange. I see them passing through the lands near the Sea of Rhun.

  3. Ryan

    Is the original for sale?

    1. Ted Nasmith

      Hi Ryan,
      No, the original piece was sold a few years ago.

  4. Sue J

    I have just seen the exhibition in Banbury Museum and this is the painting that captured my imagination the most, I just had to keep going back to look at it

  5. Yale Ensminger

    The symbolism of there being two Blue Wizards always intrigued me. Maybe since their fates were to be unknown to us or to middle earth, at least they’d have each other as companions maybe. Who knows…

  6. cristian

    this is Torres del Paine in Chile, well so we would be if reality, the background is very similar to Chilean Patagonia.

    1. Ted Nasmith

      Hi cristian,

      You are correct. The source of the landscape ideas was indeed the Torres del Paine mountains in Patagonia. For me as a North American, they seem very distant and very exotic, as I imagine the great Eastern Lands in Middle-earth might appear, such as those near the Sea of Rhun.

  7. Eli L

    I was wondering if you would ever paint the other wizards. In my head I see Radagast strolling through the forest with birds following him or something. I know the rest don’t carry the mystique of the blue wizards but I think it would be cool to see the rest in this kind of style because it’s so cool just to look at. Just a fan idea.

    1. Ted Nasmith

      Hi Eli,
      It’ an excellent suggestion, thanks. At this point I’m busy with George RR Martin, but as I return to Tolkien I’ll bear your request in mind.

  8. Timothy

    It’s these things that are left unelaborated that I love so much about the trilogy. How many times have I wondered where these two are? And the image is as enigmatic and hauntingly beautiful as I’d imagined them.

    Bravo, Sir!

    1. Ted Nasmith

      Thanks Timothy; much appreciated.

  9. Rob

    I saw this painting featured in the bonus material on Peter Jackson’s “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Extended Edition” blu-rays. On the disc labelled “The Appendices: Part 8″, near the beginning of the segment titled “Radagast the Brown”, this painting is shown while Christopher Lee lists off all of the Istari. :)

    1. Ted Nasmith

      Thanks Rob. Forgot all about that (as I assume), as we discussed.

  10. James mills

    I’m thankful for your point of view, I love this image more than any other fantasy artwork I have seen. I appreciate that this beautiful little perspective and the fact that you took the time to create it. This little snapshot of an overlooked but magnificent tangent I believe Tolkien almost requires us to consider. Thank you.

    1. Ted Nasmith

      Thanks James; I am glad the painting resonates so much for you. It has generated a good deal of interest. It is part of a number of ideas I developed for a possible illustrating of Unfinished Tales, but the project was not approved in the end. I hope in years to come I may at least paint some of the other scenes I planned anyway.

  11. Eric Zermeno

    I love this illustration. I was considering creating my own interpretation of the two blue wizards and stumbled upon your image in a search to see what’s been done. I can’t get over how much depth and beauty you put in here all the while managing to capture the intrigue, mystique and wonder behind the blue wizards. I’m also blown away by the fact that you’re using gouache, I used to paint with gouache in college, afterward I was sucked into the digital world. I’d love to get a print of this one day for the wall. Again stellar work!

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